Hand Print Press

Hand Print Press

Learning by Doing

publishes a short list of books for learning by doing. Kiko Denzer (that’s me) serves as publisher, manager, and primary author — other authors include my mother, Ann Sayre Wiseman, and friends Max and Eva Edleson. You can buy all the books at the bookstore, including mom’s classic Making Things, her last book, Satisfy the Image (techniques for working with dreams and dreamers), and Max and Eva’s Build Your Own Barrel Oven. I also sell Ianto Evans and Lesley Jackson’s book on Rocket Mass Heaters.

I use the site to document other work as well, including oven-building, greenwood carving, teaching, gardening, primitive skills, and ways of thinking about art, beauty, and related topics. Instructional and other videos are on my youtube channel; I also plan to start posting a weekly slideshow of sorts, maybe on Instagram.

I count myself very lucky to have been able to participate in a community of wonderful doers, designers, artists, tinkerers, etc. who want to fit into their places and their communities in ways that not only blend beauty with utility, but also restore and enrich the sources of all beauty, whether it be by building an oven, planting a garden, cutting firewood, composting shit, or otherwise trying to feed what feeds us.

I’m (finally!) revising the website, so if you’re coming back and can’t find something, please let me know. I am very grateful to have found some good help, and hope the changes will improve appearance and utility. (Thanks, Bea!)

Questions? Please contact me.

Thanks for visiting. Happy building, baking, and making.

— Kiko Denzer