Carving spoons requires concentrationSpoon Carving Workshops:
  • April 29 – May 5, The Buckeye Gathering, I’ll be spoon-carving; others will be hide-tanning, fire-making, flint-snapping, and everything else
  • May 8-14, I’ll be teaching a full week of greenwood at the post Buckeye pathways event: spoons, bowls, shrink pots, the lathe (foot-powered), decorative and sculptural work, tools, techniques, etc.. There may also be possibilities for tool-making w/Bryce Wood, a great smith who uses simple, minimal technology to make metal tools.
  • June 2-3, two one-day classes at Wildwood View Garden in Portland, $75, Registration and info: or call 541-929-4301.
  • June 9th, June 16, two one-day spoon carving classes in Corvallis. Info and registration at the Corvallis Art Center.
  • July 22-28, spoon-carving at Echoes-in-Time

I’ve been selling sell spoons and bowls at the Corvallis Winter Market, I’m trying out an Etsy shop (Hmm…). KikoDenzerWoodnWares (custom lettering/ornament too)

I’ve been adding some things to the youtube channel.