spoons, 20134Green-wood carving classes, spring, 2015. Carving green wood is much easier than carving dry wood, and in the days when most people didn’t have woodshops with power tools, vises, clamps, and hold-downs of all varieties, carving green wood was something you did in your lap while you were sitting around of an evening. So that’s pretty much what a spoon-carving class is all about. I’ve been teaching it mostly at primitive skills gatherings (this year I’ll be at Buckeye, and maybe Echoes in Time), but this year friends Charlene and Richard Murdock white invited me to teach at their wonderful home/garden, which they’re turning into an educational center called “Nana Cardoon.” For a class description and schedule (April and May), go here. The registration fee includes the cost of a crooked knife from pinewood forge (hand made by Del Stubbs)


  1. Hi Kiko,
    My name is Mira and I have been wanting to learn spoon carving for 4 years now. I just today came upon your classes in Portland, at the Nana Cardoon center. Unfortunately, your next class on August 15th is one I cannot come to. I am wondering if there will be any in the near future that I can attend?

  2. Hello,

    I’m also interested in attending a spoon carving workshop in the near future and might have a friend to bring along, too. Do you have other workshops planned other then 8/15? Thanks.

    1. 2016 classes now open for registration: I’m teaching three, all on Saturdays:
      May 21
      June 18 and
      August 20
      All hosted by friends Richard and Charlene at Nanacardoon, their wonderful 1.5 acre suburban food-forest/garden/learning ground. It was very popular (and fun) — we spend a day learning about wood and basic axe and knife techniques so that everyone can go home w/a spoon. Click to see more about the class and to register (great grub included!)

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