2017 workshops with Kiko Denzer: earth ovens, spoon carving, scything, & more!

2017 earth oven, spoon-carving and other workshop info (to register and for info, follow the links…).

June 13, 7 pm earthen building presentation at Plymouth Craft Plymouth, MA

June 17, spoon carving at Nanacardoon, in Forest Grove OR.

July 15-16, Build an earthen oven, workshop outside of Salem, OR; for info & to register, contact slc@pringlecreek.com.

July 23-29, spoon carving/greenwoodworking at echoes-in-time ancestral skills gathering

August 6, spoon carving, at Nanacardoon

Sept. 9, spoon carving, at Nanacardoon

September 10, All about scythes and scything. A scythe is the best and most durable tool for all kinds of homestead chores, from mowing, to reaping, to weed and brush management; learn basic skills and techniques for tool use and maintenance, as well as some of the history and lore of the scythe at Nanacardoon i n Forest Grove, OR.

September 16-17, Build a wood-fired pizza oven out of earth @ Aprovecho Institute, in Cottage Grove, OR

Nov 15-19, Greenwood & Steel: make the tools, carve the wood, an introduction to blade craft and woodcarving, at Aprovecho Institute, in Cottage Grove, OR. We’ll start by forging a basic crooked knife, w hich we’ll then use to carve spoons and bowls; includes basic blacksmithing, hardening/tempering, sharpening, knife use/grips/techniques, other bladed tools, principles of carving, sculpture, and design, discussion of traditional and appropriate technologies, etc.

About Kiko Denzer

I live in western Oregon with my family and run Hand Print Press with help from friends Max and Eva. We are interested in restoring the arts of living to their rightful, traditional, public role, as cultural medium – and think the web is a poor substitute, but until we can fashion something better, we try to make the most of it.

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