Final 2017 workshop coming up in November!

A collection of hand-carved spoons made by as many different carvers; bowls, too…all made with two or three basic, easy-to-reproduce blades.

The final workshop of the year will be coming up this November 15-19, when I’ll be leading a workshop on Greenwood & Steel, an introduction to blade craft and woodcarving, at Aprovecho Institute, in Cottage Grove, OR. The idea is to provide folks with the means to make a basic toolkit with which they can do all kinds of decorative and practical woodwork. The skills we’ll practice have applications for any number of crafts, and the tools and knowledge will enrich any toolkit. The first principle is one that’s basic to peasant life all over the world: what can we do with the materials and techniques available to us? Since most folks reading this have access to scrap steel and fire, most will be able to make tools. We’ll start by forging a basic crooked knife, which we’ll then use to carve spoons and bowls. Includes basic blacksmithing, hardening/tempering, sharpening, knife use/grips/techniques, other bladed tools, principles of carving, sculpture, and design, discussion of traditional and appropriate technologies, etc.

About Kiko Denzer

I live in western Oregon with my family and run Hand Print Press with help from friends Max and Eva. We are interested in restoring the arts of living to their rightful, traditional, public role, as cultural medium – and think the web is a poor substitute, but until we can fashion something better, we try to make the most of it.

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