Kiko’s Recommended Oven Links

This is a somewhat random list of sites and sources of information — mostly free. It also bounces around between earthen and brick ovens, traditional and modern, simple and complex. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

— Kiko

The Masonry Heater Association’s oven page: A goldmine!
Le Four a pain de Jean-Marie: Mobile ovens ala Francaise
Brick oven plans: free from Forno Bravo (vendor of hi-end modular ovens)
“Nifty, easy-to-make (earth) oven”: the quick and dirty version, as printed in Mother Earth News in 02 (before I got really serious about insulation!)
Bread Ovens of Quebec: a classic ethnographic study of traditional Quebecois ovens, with stories and directions for building an oven on a framework of alder saplings, by Lise Boily and Jean-Francois Blanchette, who took the measurements that resulted in the well known “63% rule” for the height of the oven door. Lovely book — downloadable for free!
Dale Callaham’s “one hour brick oven”: a good example of what is, to my mind, still the best way to do a “mobile” oven
Llopis ovens: A fascinating (and ultra-modern) design that combines wood-fire and masonry heat with a hearth that revolves so that by the time the baker has loaded the last loaf, the first loaves are baked and ready to remove. For a fascinating series of installation photos, go to Noah Elber’s documentation of installing a Llopis oven at his Breadworks bakery in NH, Rado Hand’s traditional oven website: Rado is a german builder living in Australia. Many oven builders have referred to him as a good source of info on brick ovens. (I haven’t personally corresponded with him or seen his materials.)

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