Spoons, 2010

carved from green wood: roughed out with a hatchet and/or a northwestern style adze, then shaped and finished with crooked knives and a straight blades (click on the thumbnail for an uncropped view of the entire photo). Some of the detail work is done w/little burins. The bowls I carved with a crooked knife, straight blade, and a neat jig designed by Bill Coperthwaite (author of A Hand Made Life). Bill’s spoon is the little yellow (birch) ladle with the scooped indents where the handle meets the bowl — his addition to the tradition of spoon design. After I started carving spoons, a friend gave me a book about the Shakers. It had a photo of a beautiful wooden grain shovel. I don’t shovel grain, but I wanted to make one. On the next page was a photo of a tin dustpan. We do use one of those, but it’s the ugliest plastic thing you’ve ever seen, and it just gets uglier with use. So for xmas last year I carved Hannah a dustpan out of a piece of maple firewood — that happened to have some nice bird’s eye figuring in it.

About Kiko Denzer

I live in western Oregon with my family and run Hand Print Press with help from friends Max and Eva. We are interested in restoring the arts of living to their rightful, traditional, public role, as cultural medium – and think the web is a poor substitute, but until we can fashion something better, we try to make the most of it.

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