Pricing: The value of a wooden spoon

value: a family’s “favorite wooden spoon,” made by an anonymous Haitian*, and sold cheap at an import store. It became the basis for another essay on value, and has become part of this one. On wooden spoons, wares, value, & money

Ideally, I’d sell wooden spoons and bowls directly, person to person. Buyers could handle things, see some of the process, chat, sign up for a class, build relationships — and burn less fossil fuel…. In the meantime, however, most folks start by looking for a price. How do I determine what’s right and fair? Scott and Helen Nearing famously reduced their economy to a simple equation: 4 hours a day for “bread labor” (which included selling produce from their farm, among other cash activities), 4 hours a day for “cultural labor” and the rest for cooking, eating, sleeping, cleaning, etc.…

cob ovens, spoon carving, & other workshops for 2019

May 18-19, cob oven workshop at the Artisan Baking Center in Petaluma California, details hereJune 22-23, cob oven workshop at the Prairie Mountain Folkschool in Joseph, Oregon, details hereAugust 17-18, A two day Greenwood Carving class (from simple to more complex), at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Otis, Oregon, details hereJune & August Greenwood Spoon Carving classes, dates TBA, Corvallis Art center, Oregon, details should be posted here soon!July 21-27 I’ll be teaching greenwood spoon-carving at Echoes-in-time, another primitive skills gathering just outside of Monmouth, Oregon. Like last month’s Acorn Gathering, it’s a wonderful week-long event where you can learn everything! …

Bushcraft weekend – spoons, baskets, fire! Sept 22/23

Sept 22/23: Learn basic bushcraft

Carve a spoon from greenwood, weave a cattail basket, make fire. Includes a wood-fired pizza potluck, and whatever other projects we can fit in around the evening fire.

Myron Cretney is a regular teacher and inspiration at primitive skills gatherings throughout the west. In addition to cattail and all the other things he knows how to do, Myron is really good at teaching friction fire with a hand-drill — he’ll help us light fires, and maybe make traps to catch some of the gophers eating our garden.

Kiko Denzer has spent decades teaching various crafts to kids and adults.…