wheat harvest

boys, their cousins (and Uncle) from England all helping — for a few minutes, at least. Won’t know yields until I get the grain threshed and winnowed. It looks better than the past few efforts, but still not the 300 pounds I was aiming for when I fenced off the 3,000 sq. ft.

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I live in western Oregon with my family. Hand Print Press is our small part of a collaborative project that tries to restore the arts of living to their rightful, traditional, public role, as a medium for growing human culture. The web is a poor substitute, but if it can help some of us find each other -- good!

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  1. evalarevolution says:

    Ah, wheat harvest. Truly one of life’s most wonderful experiences.

    “Plant a kernel of wheat and you reap a pint; plant a pint and you reap a bushel.” 🙂

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