Crooked knives for Greenwood is an

wooden wares, lathe, and inventory ready for market (boy not included)

introduction to bladesmithing and green woodcraft. I’ll be teaching it at Aprovecho Institute, in Cottage Grove, OR, April 4-8, 2018. Join us to learn how to make your own basic toolkit for all kinds of decorative and practical woodwork. We’ll start by forging the essential tool for carving spoons and bowls, a crooked or bent knife. In addition to new tools, you’ll go home with the knowledge to set up your own inexpensive, simple forge. We’ll learn about hardening/tempering, sharpening, knife use/grips/techniques, other bladed tools, principles of carving, sculpture, and design, discussion (and demonstration) of traditional and appropriate technologies, including the foot-powered lathe (which requires tools you forge yourself). And we’ll all share the pleasure of sitting around making chips and spoons…

A collection of hand-carved spoons made by as many different carvers; bowls, too…all made with two or three basic, easy-to-reproduce blades.


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