Ann Sayre Wiseman taught, lectured, and led workshops on dreamwork and guided imagery for more than thirty years. She worked with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Robert Bly, The Dalai Lama, Carl Rogers, Ira Progoff, and studied at Esalen Institute, Synectics, the Psychodrama Institute of Boston, and the Moreno Psychodrama Institute in New York. As adjunct faculty at Lesley College, she helped pioneer the field of expressive therapy.

Her professional art career began in her teens, and included work in textile design, painting, drawing, sculpting, and numerous crafts. She exhibited widely, and is represented in the Rockefeller and Hirshorn collections, and the Smithsonian museum. As Program Director of the Boston Children’s Museum Visitor’s Center, she developed ground- breaking hands-on educational programs that were later incorporated into her best-selling book, Making Things. She published numerous other titles on art, crafts, and creative problem-solving, as well as memoirs and journals.

She was married twice, raised two sons, and welcomed three grandchildren before she died in 2013 at the age of 86. Just before her death, she publishing a revised version of her book Satisfy The Image, on using imagery to solve all kinds of life problems. Hand Print Press is proud to publish not only The Best of Making Things, but also Nightmare Help, and Satisfy The Image.

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