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Otherwise, here are some links from folks we do know:

Firespeaking, workshops (barrel ovens and cob ovens) here.
Cob Cottage Co. workshops (cob building, rocket stoves, occasional ovens) here.
The Natural Building Network (builders, workshops, etc., by region) here.
Seventh Generation Natural Builders (workshops, builders for hire) here.
Masonry Heater Association (professional stove and oven masons by region), here.
Yahoo Groups Brick-oven listserve: thousands of members, all interested in and/or building ovens. Mostly more expensive brick and/or pre-fab models, but significant numbers working with mud. here.
CobWorkshops.org (just what it looks like), here.

O.U.R. Ecovillage (workshops, apprenticeships), here.
Proyecto San Isidro (workshops, apprenticeships), here.

The Hollies, (west Cork, Ireland, workshops), here.
Christo Markham, Holland (builder and teacher), here.



  1. I am a potter, wife of a winemaker, assistant grape grower and would like to host a oven building workshop in southeast Missouri. Free housing for instructor and complimentary wine. On site of new locally owned and small custom crush wine making facility/cabin rental/horseback riding/fishing farm setting. Lots of local clay to use.
    If this sounds like you can come within the next two years please let me know. Or, if you know of anyone else in the midwest I can contact about teaching please send info.
    Julie Bricknell
    J Brick Pottery
    Rothbrick Crush

    Julie Bricknell
      1. When you do, please come to Bethel Maine Hostel….www.snowboardinghouse.com! 🙂 We are now organizing a bread making workshop to coincide with next year’s Maine Kneading Conference in Skowhegan. Looking forward to working with Emily Buehler (www.twobluebooks.com) So, if you know anyone who would be in Maine in the summer…….:)

  2. Portable oven classes with David S. Cargo, in the midwest:


    Here’s some of David’s description:

    “Build and Bake in a Portable Brick Oven—Join David S. Cargo to learn how to build a portable stacked-brick oven. After the oven is built, it will be fired up while students learn how to make dough for flatbreads, pizza, and bread. Bake all these in the brick oven and then eat them.

    “You will leave with knowledge of building stacked brick ovens, plans for three different sizes of ovens, and practice in baking in these ovens.

    “Class runs 9am-5pm with a 1-hour break starting a noon for students to have lunch. (Lunch is typically not provided in the class registration fee. Different venues might have facilities available for people to buy lunch or people might have to travel somewhere to buy lunch or bring it with them.)

    “The longer description of the class is more interesting

    “These portable brick ovens are portable because they can be moved once they have been built. They are built from stacked bricks that are not mortared together. If you need to move the oven, you can just move the bricks and restack them to rebuild the oven at its new location.

    “You can build a small oven by yourself in about an hour. You can go from bare ground to cooking pizza in about 4 hours. Class discussion covers some of the differences between these portable brick ovens and more familiar designs such as Alan Scott ovens, Forno Bravo Pompeii ovens, and cob ovens.”

  3. Tom Hickson will be holding a brick oven building course at his home in Stillwater, Minnesota this summer. The class will learn how to build an Alan Scott oven from oven-builder and rustic bread baker Derek Luchese. Derek teaches the oven-building course at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN and is owner of Both Hands Bread, South Gillies, ON.

    The course is offered at a significantly lower cost and in the Twin Cities area so that

    * more folks can learn how to build ovens
    * Tom Hickson can get some help building his oven
    * part of the course cost will go toward a donation to the Friends School of Minnesota

    During the course you will actually build an oven to near-completion, gaining experience with pouring the concrete hearth slab, setting the firebricks for the hearth, and building an arched oven vault. All materials will be provided; you just bring some gloves and dirty clothes.

    If you or anyone you would know might like to take this fun course, have them contact Tom Hickson at:

    sedhead@gmail.com or 651-436-2531

    As of March 7, 2011, there were still five openings available.

    Dates: June 3-5, 2011 (all day for each day) Cost: $250.00 (a portion of which will be a donation to FSMN)

  4. I’m in Grass Valley, CA on 2 acre agricultural zoned land. What’s involved in hosting a mud oven workshop?
    Happy to put work out locally. Red clay right here on the land but have not run tests on it.

    Susan Fink
  5. The Lost Arts Collaborative of Still River (Harvard) Massachusetts is interested in building an ultimate earth oven at our historic plantation site, Captain Pollard’s Flintlock Farm. The design will be based on Keko Denzer’s design along with ideas from Joe Kennedy.

    We would like to find interested participants and potential instructors. Please get a hold of me if you are interested as the summer has a way of slipping by quickly.

    We are located 50 minutes northwest of Boston.

    1. Hello Phil-

      I’m a friend of both Kiko’s and Joe’s and have been building earthen ovens and teaching workshops (including co-teaching with both of the aforementioned) for 18 years. I also happen to have grown up in Harvard, Mass. My father still lives there and I visit him occasionally, although I now live in California. I’d like to know more about your organization and to discuss a possible collaboration in the future.

      Michael G. Smith

    I’m located in Forest Grove, Oregon which is just 30 miles SW of Portland. I’ve begun building a fantastic Pompeii style oven on my back patio however my family and I must move due to employment elsewhere.

    I’m seeking a highly qualified individual who could finish this project free of charge. The ideal situation would be to simply hold a workshop at my place sometime before the 1st week of Oct., as we Portlanders know that this is the turning point with regards to weather.

    The oven currently has the thermal layer finished, however I’m away and my wife has reported several thin cracks in many areas of the thermal layer. This may need replacement, it may not.

    Either way, I’ve got all the materials needed to finish this oven off to the insulation layer. It will need to be plastered for weather protection as well.

    Please contact me if interested and I’d be more than happy to assist in coordinating as best as I can.

    Greg 707-832-2536

    Greg Varela
  7. Hi Kiko,

    We would like to build a Cob oven on our property here in Inverary Ontario Canada. We have 75 acres and have just started an organic hobby farm. We are wondering if you would come this way and give a workshop? We would of course put you and your partner up for the weekend. We would also invite other participants for this workshop as this would end up being an oven for our community garden.
    I would be willing to barter off some time as well and give you some Blacksmith lessons in my small smithy here on our property. Barring this, is there any contacts in Ontario you would recommend to give this workshop.

    Thanks Bob Chambers

    Bob Chambers
  8. We are starting a Folk School on our little Ann Arbor farm. We are looking for people with experience in cob building to lead Earth Oven building courses as well as Cob Building. While I am it, if you or someone you know have folk art skills and would like to teach and earn money, then please contact us asap!



  9. Hi Folks … anyone travelling in Thailand this winter please come along to our earth oven workshop in Chiang Dao, where we’re building an earth oven for the master bakers of Chiang Dao – Juergen and Mem! Also happening now until Feb 1st – rice husk roundhouse workshop with Maggi Mckerron, and from Feb. 10th earthbag meditation dome with Paulina Wojciechowska of Earth, Hands and Houses. For more info. click on the links below


    or here:


    Maybe see you there! It’s a beautiful part of the world with great people.

  10. We are potters and gardeners and would like to host a oven building workshop in central Maine. We would eventually like to offer farm to table workshops and the oven would really help with this.
    Gina and Jon
    Old Firehouse Farm

    Gina Lamarche

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