E&EFree plans to increase wood stove efficiency

Lovely friend Erica Wisner (she’s the cute one on the right w/out the fuzz) put the heater hat details down on paper and gave them to us to share — and I’ve finally figured out how to post them as a new “product” in the bookstore — available as a free download, here. If you wonder what the heck I’m talking about, a masonry heater hat is a smallish amount of masonry (300 lbs or so) that you can add to a conventional metal box stove to improve performance, reduce wood consumption, and increase your comfort. Downloaders beware: this is an experimental design for an appliance that requires fire and high temperatures in order to work. Normal fire and construction precautions apply; use the plans at your own risk (i.e, this is not a UL stamped or “code approved” appliance — it’s an experiment in taking responsibility for your own needs and comforts). Let us know how you apply/improve the design!

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