Jon and Flip Anderson have been working with Aprovecho Research Institute and building smokeless cookstoves in Haiti. They came up with this neat “rocket oven” design that answers some of the questions I get from folks about combining the dome oven design w/rocket technology. By simply using clay and organic matter and applying principles of mass and insulation they have created a beautiful, versatile, oven that can do significant baking w/very little fuel. For more about their work on developing business opportunities and helping with deforestation problems, goto Here are a couple of their videos (they’re also working on a book!):



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  2. I love it! I really like the rocket kitchen. I guess I have grown up with the idea all open flame things need a chimney… especially wood. But I would guess this is just as safe as a gas or propane stove/oven though. I like the form factor of this better than the barrel oven even though it is white and this is black. I can see this fitting into a small cabin maybe also filling a heating role as well.

    Len Ovens
  3. Hi Flip and Jon,

    I loved your videos and your work you are doing! I`m looking forward to read the book you are working on. When I was a kid I used to throw potatoes into fire whilst my granddad was harvesting them from his garden. Your ideas on the rocket stove and cooking outside made these memories alive again and inspired me to build an outdoor kitchen of my own.

  4. After reading much of the other articles on this site. Might this excellent design not be improved by utilising the ‘bell’ system of heat retention utikised by Alex Chernov et. al.


    You would only have to add a short insulated flu at the back of the oven with a low opening (more snorkel than chimney). This way the heated gases from the rocket stove would stratify within the oven and the hottest gases would be retained longer, improving heat transfer to the oven walls.

    Ben Scriven
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