This is a somewhat random list of sites and sources of information–mostly free. It also bounces around between earthen and brick ovens, traditional and modern, simple and complex. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

— Kiko

  • The Masonry Heater Association’s oven page: A goldmine!
  • Le Four a pain de Jean-Marie: Mobile ovens ala Francaise
  • Brick oven plans: free from Forno Bravo (vendor of hi-end modular ovens)
  • “Nifty, easy-to-make (earth) oven”: the quick and dirty version, as printed in Mother Earth News in 02 (before I got really serious about insulation!)
  • Bread Ovens of Quebec: a classic ethnographic study of traditional Quebecois ovens, with stories and directions for building an oven on a framework of alder saplings, by Lise Boily and Jean-Francois Blanchette, who took the measurements that resulted in the well known “63% rule” for the height of the oven door. Lovely book — downloadable for free!
  • Dale Callaham’s “one hour brick oven”: a good example of what is, to my mind, still the best way to do a “mobile” oven
  • Llopis ovens: A fascinating (and ultra-modern) design that combines wood-fire and masonry heat with a hearth that revolves so that by the time the baker has loaded the last loaf, the first loaves are baked and ready to remove. For a fascinating series of installation photos, go to Noah Elber’s documentation of installing a Llopis oven at his Breadworks bakery in NH, here“>here.
  • Rado Hand’s traditional oven website: Rado is a german builder living in Australia. Many oven builders have referred to him as a good source of info on brick ovens. (I haven’t personally corresponded with him or seen his materials.)

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