Below notes and gifts from Jorie Kennedy, who I met when she was apprenticing at the North American School of Natural Building, last year (2011). You don’t need a book to make an oven. Best is a friend who’s built one, but for friends she hasn’t met yet, Jorie put her oven love into this “hot-n-dirty oven lovin guide.”

Here are the notes she sent about it:

“My beautiful friend Lizzy (Rieke) and I (Jorie Kennedy) wrote this zine on how to make your own basic cob (earthen) oven.

“We dream of offering natural building, carpentry, and metal working skills to communities that don’t have easy access to them. We know that acknowledging social discrepancies and working to support the needs that arise from peoples’ from unique backgrounds is essential to spreading this information as well as creating positive learning environments.This cob-oven pamphlet was made for a workshop we taught to fabulous young trans-gendered people and ladies at a “skill-share” in Mt. Hood in the summer of 2011. We wanted to make natural building literature that reflected our community as a way to address a new audience that is not regularly appealed to. We want young people to recognize that these techniques can belong to them as much as anyone. While we’re excited about building with any enthusiastic, respectful people, we especially hope to share what we’re learning with youth, queers, ladies, communities of color, and poor folks. We hope you like this booklet, that you go out and build an oven, and that you will support the free sharing of great ideas!

“Hott stuff for sure.”

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