hornodebarro.cvr Lehmbackofen Cover NEU #4_TOM_CS4.inddThanks to muddy friends Ian Miller, Christo Markham, and Xavier Rodriguez, there are now German and Spanish editions of Build Your Own Earth Oven. The German edition is published by Stocker Verlag, (click here). The Spanish edition is published by EcoHabitar (click here).

A few words of thanks are in order: Ian’s first oven inspired him to start a bread business and build his own natural house; when his (Austrian) wife Andrea got accepted for an educational program in her homeland, he wrote me out of the blue, proposing an oven book for a German speaking audience. He took on the project, found a publisher, did the translation, and made it happen. In addition to ovens, Ian also has a deep love and appreciation for the traditional European scythe. He’s been certified as an instructor by the Austrian scythe Association, and is now working on a book about scythes as practical tools for homestead management of hay and grains. (We’ll let you know when it’s ready!)

Christo Markham grew up in the states and worked in various capacities: as a baker, on a framing crew, and building rammed earth houses. He went travelling, and ended up relocating to Holland, where he raised a family and found work as a printer. Through baking, he learned about cob ovens and the US-based earthen building revival — which led him into his own earthen building business, and  many friendships — one of them with Xavier Rodriguez, about whom I know little, except that he’s a friend and builder colleague of Christo’s and a Spanish speaker who helped Andres Prado, the translator who took on the task of translating a little oven book from English into Spanish.

Thanks and blessings to you all!

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