Hi Kiko and Max,
I’m not sure if you remember me, so I’ve included our prior emails for your reference (just scroll down past the pictures).  Since so much has transpired since our last conversations in September 2011, I thought I would share an update with you.  In January 2012 I signed up for an Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course that was going to be taught at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in July.  Three weeks before the start of the course, they were very sad to inform me that it had to be cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  I was devastated by the news but quickly found out that an EDE was being offered in Denmark in August.  I wrote to the wonderful people at Hallingelille Ecovillage and they offered me a full-tuition scholarship!   I lived there for a month and had one of the most profound experiences of my life.  Authentic people doing authentic work in order to build healthy community on this planet!  I’ve included some pictures.  I think you know Flemming Abrahamsen and his wife Karen?  We took a field trip to visit them at their home and then the next day we took another field trip to the Biodynamic farm where Karen works with autistic young adults.  I had no idea who they were when I signed up for the field trip but at the very moment I shook Flemming’s hand, I got a strong feeling that he had a connection to Llanto Evans (whom I have never met but with whom I had had conversations via telephone in the past).  I spontaneously asked Flemming if he knew Llanto and a huge smile came to his face.  He shook my hand vigorously and said, “oh, yes, yes, my dear friend Llanto, you know, we’re a bunch of pyros!  I was there in the States and we did a workshop.”  I felt as though I had just become part of their family!  They spoke to us for hours about the work they were doing with composting toilets and they toured us around their property to see all the cob structures.  I felt so much love and I felt so at home that I didn’t want to leave!  It was all so amazing!
Oh, what a beautiful thing it is, this evolution in consciousness!  My path has been an interesting one since my first mud-building experience with Starhawk in May 2009.  I’ve taken a leave absence from my job as a high school Spanish teacher and I’m now studying Biodynamic farming!  A question that has come up for me lately is this, “is it possible to connect Biodynamic farming and Permaculture?”  Can’t wait to begin the exploration!
I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope we can keep in touch.  Be well.
P.S.  I’m the one wearing the green, multi-pattern shirt.  The others are my EDE group members.

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