Dan Wing on Trailers for Mobile Ovens

Dan Wing with his mobile (trailered) oven — and bread

Much as I try to discourage them (see pp 98-101 of Build Your Own Earth Oven, 3d ed.), lots of people want to put their oven on a trailer and tow it long distances at high speed. Dan Wing, co-author of The Bread Builders and builder of fine gypsy trailers, as well as the maker of a well-travelled oven, kindly wrote up a thoughtful and practical set of notes on the safe and proper construction of hi-speed auto-trailers suitable for heavy ovens. It’s a downloadable word file that you can get by clicking here: Oven trailers. If you want to read the 2004 NY Times article that featured Dan and his oven, go here.

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  3. Karl Stehle says:

    Hi Kiko,
    I really enjoyed your book and the Q&A from above. I want to know if there are any ovens that I can visit, with the person’s permission and ask some questions of what worked and didn’t work. I live in North Jersey and can visit homes in NY,CT or PA. I plan on building the mid size oven and have a fieldstone base with an opening underneath to store firewood. I will also build an A frame that shelter us when it rains/snows etc while I am working. I plan on making the oven a communal event, like the wonderful NY Times Mag article by Michel Pollan. My phone # is 973-728-3308.
    Thanks, Karl Stehle

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