Spoon Carving & other Workshops for 2018

Spoon carving & Greenwood:
• April 29 – May 5, The Buckeye Gathering, I’ll be spoon-carving; others will be hide-tanning, fire-making, flint-snapping, and everything else
• May 8-14, I’ll be teaching a full week of greenwood at the post Buckeye pathways event: spoons, bowls, shrink pots, the lathe (foot-powered), decorative and sculptural work, tools, techniques, etc.. There may also be possibilities for tool-making w/Bryce Wood, a great smith who uses simple, minimal technology to make metal tools.
• June 9th, June 16, two one-day spoon carving classes in Corvallis. Info and registration at the Corvallis Art Center.
• June 2 and 3, two one-day classes at Wildwood View Garden in Portland, $75, Registration and info: potlatch@cmug.com or call 541-929-4301.
•  July 22-28, spoon-carving at Echoes-in-Time
I’ve been selling sell spoons and bowls at the Corvallis Winter Market, I’m trying out an Etsy shop (Hmm…). KikoDenzerWoodnWares (custom lettering/ornament too)

I’ve been adding some things to the youtube channel.

About Kiko Denzer

I live in western Oregon with my family and run Hand Print Press with help from friends Max and Eva. We are interested in restoring the arts of living to their rightful, traditional, public role, as cultural medium – and think the web is a poor substitute, but until we can fashion something better, we try to make the most of it.

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